How does it work?

We run our workshops over a chosen weekend every two to three months. 

Dates and venues for the workshops may vary each time, but we add this information to our website as soon as we can. If you are on our mailing list we will send you an email on the first day the workshops go live.

What will I learn?

Depending on the workshop you choose to attend you will learn anything from how to hit the handpan correctly, to methods for creating your own compositions, and more advance muscial concepts such as Indian rhythms, technique, improvisation, and left right independence.

Is each workshop different?

Yes. Each time we run a workshop we cover basic topics that would help any player no matter how experienced they may be. However we tailor each workshop around a specific theme, to devote more time and attention to that particular topic. 

What do people say?

“Thank you for such an enchanting couple of days. This introduction into the realm of the Hang was both awesome and enabling, simple and exquisitely complex. The space was very well held, catering for those with experience and absolute beginners like myself”.

- Nicole. Handpan player / Attended PanWorks on June 2019

Can I buy a gift card?

Yes, workshops can be bought as gifts, with a printable & personalised ticket. Simply tick the box that says this is gift at checkout. We can personalise the card with the person’s name and a short message from you.

Please allow five working days. Gift cards will expire after 6 months from time of purchase.