Beginners' Handpan Day Course

Beginners' Handpan Day Course


Sun. 27 Oct / 11am - 6pm

A workshop for beginners. In this one day workshop you will work on core ideas of technique, improvisation, and rhythmical composition. With a special focus on grooves, we will draw methods from different cultural ideas and practices. Participants will leave with enough material to work on for months.

Handpans can be provided upon request.

Limited spaces are available.

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A day dedicated to grooves

This is a workshop for beginners where we will look at a variety of methods to play grooves. A groove is a way of paying which creates rhythmic and melodic beats, commonly used by leading handpan players. We will draw from different cultural ideas and practices that will give you the tools to create your own style of grove. You will leave with enough material to practice at home for a few months.

Topics covered

Warm up : a series of exercises to warm up and to give your teacher a chance to establish the level of the class

Symmetrical grooves : a method of playing in which both hands are used equally

Polyrhythmic grooves : grooves which are composed of more than one rhythm

Independence grooves : learn to play groves where your hands act independently of one another

Indian rhythms : how Indian rhythmic ideas can keep your playing fresh and exciting

Note: We have designed the above class for the workshop, however each class is unique and will be adapted to suit the abilities, interests, and ambitions of participants on the day. 

Timings for the day

10:30 - 11 am Arrival

11 - 2 pm - First session

2 - 3 pm - Break (Lunch not provided, but there are many nice places close by!)

3 - 6 pm - Second session


Handpans will be available for use on course days free of charge.

A limited number of our parners’ handpans will also be available for purchase.

Fin out more about our parners on the team page.

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