First Time Handpan Day course

First Time Handpan Day course


Sat. 26 Oct/ 11am - 6pm

Play a Handpan for the first time on this one day course. In a series of interactive workshops and short lectures you will explore the handpan, and through it, some of the most influential ideas in music.

Handpans can be provided upon request. No prior musical experience required.

Limited spaces are available.

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Explore the handpan

In this one day course you will be introduced to the handpan and some of the most interesting and essential ideas in music. The day will consist of a series of short lectures that demonstrate important music concepts, which then will be explored on the handpan through practical exercises. You will finish the day playing music with the other participants.

Topics covered

Technique : learn the correct techniques for hitting the handpan to produce clean and beautiful sounds

Discover the scale : explore your scale using various exercises and improve your coordination

Rhythmic cycles : creating patterns in time using simple numbers

Basic grooves : play melodic beats on the handpan

Playing canons : a simple and powerful composition technique which can be played in small groups

Note: We have designed the above class for the workshop, however each class is unique and will be adapted to suit the abilities, interests, and ambitions of participants on the day. 

Timings for the day

10:30 - 11 am Arrival

11 - 2 pm - First session

2 - 3 pm - Break (Lunch not provided, but there are many nice places close by!)

3 - 6 pm - Second session


Handpans will be available for use on course days free of charge.

A limited number of our parners’ handpans will also be available for purchase.

Find out more about our parners on the team page.

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