The team

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Dom Aversano

Founder and Instructor

Dom is a composer and handpan player based in London. He has studied with renowned teachers such as South Indian Carnatic mridangam virtuoso Sri Balachander, and jazz master Billy Cobham. Dom has performed internationally and at world renowned music venues and festivals such as the Southbank Centre, The Bhavan Centre, and Latitude Festival. In 2018 Dom released his debut album 'Geometric'.

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Lucia Molina Pflaum

Co-founder and Communications

Lucia has a background in filmmaking, photography, and design. Born in Argentina and settled in the UK, she has a love for music from all around the world and has been close to the handpan scene for many years.



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PanStream Handpans

Instruments available for workshops.

Mark Wilson’s roots go back to Trinidad, where he learned the craft of building and playing steelpans. Panstream are world renowned for their unique and meticulously hand-built pans, which are hand-crafted in Cornwall by Mark and Gunita Wilson. PanStream handpans are made from 1.2mm thick DC04 metal sheets. Their shells are hydro-formed, nitrided, and heat-treated in the process and a unique coloration is the result of temperature and duration of heating.

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Tala Handpans

3 Instruments available for workshops

Formed in 2015 Tāla Handpans is the craft work of Frome based up and coming instrument builder Daniel Comer. He offers any interested buyers the opportunity to play an instrument before purchasing, as well as taking on commission work building a requested or favoured scale. His pans come with a unique glossy finish that keeps the pans safe from rust without the need for oiling.

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